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Which Australian Ace Rental Cars car suits your personality?

With the many different car rental options on offer here at Ace Car Rentals, you’re certainly not short on possibilities when it comes organising your next New Zealand road trip adventure. Whether you’re a backpacker looking to see as much of the country as you can in a month, or an employee of a local SME visiting the big city for a conference, your personality could guide you towards which car to choose.

Let’s find out what car rental is right for you!

The money saver

For you money savers, ‘bang for your buck’ is likely to be one of your utmost considerations. It’s likely that you will be travelling on a tight budget, buying groceries instead of visiting restaurants, choosing attractions that are free to enter and worshipping a coupon discount book like it’s a religious text.

Our Super Saver rental car models will keep your wallet happy. These feature rental cars that range in year from 8+ years , all of which have been selected to balance a smooth driving experience with cost efficiency.

The urban explorer

You’re not going to find cities here with upward of 8 million people living in them such as New York in the US (we do only have 4.4 million people in total, after all), but there are still great urban jungles to delve into on both the North and South Island.

To see as much as you can in our biggest cities, a compact, fuel-efficient rental car would be best for you. This means more time on the road, and an easier time parking. Our Compact range would suit – in fact, the Toyota Corolla (Compact) are great little rental cars to get around in.

The rugged explorer

If you hear the call of the wild and desperately want to escape the concrete and glass world of the city to see our country’s greatest sights, you may want to go a little off road. You don’t need to travel far here to find somewhere special, with 49 per cent of our roads still unsealed – many of which will take you to magical natural or historical places.

We can offer you two types of four-wheel drive vehicle: either our SUV the Mitsubishi Outlander or similar and the Nissan Qashqai or similar options. The former is perfect for the casual wanderer, enabling you to feel confident jumping onto a dirt track in search of a new beach or camping spot. The latter is better suited for those of you looking for an epic trip, where a normal car dare not tread (though, of course, we always recommend you carefully consider any road you drive on before doing so, as safety is very important).

The ‘you should come, too!’ traveller

Some people simply don’t want to travel alone or even just as a couple, preferring instead to bring the troops along with them to share in the memories. This is a great way to build friendships, bond as families or even to bring a team of staff that bit closer together.

At Ace Car Rentals, we don’t expect our customers to pile into a hatchback like a clown car. We have two great options for you to choose from, depending on the size of your group. Consider our Van - KIA Carnival or similar which can take 8 people respectively.

The casual road tripper

And finally we come to the casual road tripper. These people love to drive from A to B, quickly stopping at C for lunch along the way, diverting to D because it sounds interesting and finally taking a coffee break at E.

Our Hyundai Accent, Toyota Corolla and Nissan Tiida are rental cars that are ideal for this personality type, as they balance comfort and size with fuel efficiency and price. Not to mention our Hyundai Elantra and Toyota Camry car rentals, which offers an easy driving experience alongside a solid road tripping engine.

Branch Locations

We have rental car locations all over Australia so no matter where you plan to pick up your car rental or drop off your rental car we will be able to accommodate your needs, our locations are all open 7 days a week and with arrangement offer after-hours Rental car pickups and drop-offs.

Adelaide Airport, Brisbane Airport, Cairns Airport, Cairns CBD, Gold Coast Airport, Melbourne Airport, Sydney Airport and Perth Airport.

Rent The Experience

A rental car’s a rental car. A moving metallic shell capable of travelling at relatively high speeds from one point to another, safely harbouring people and said people’s material goods en route. It’s a means of getting from A to B, a functional requirement, a literal vehicle to something much bigger. An experience.

An experience is something that helps to define us, that inspires us, that makes us more alive, more human. It’s a breath of mountain fresh air. The feel of a wind on our face. The filtered orange glow of a breaking dawn. The pulse-racing rush of adrenaline, the quivering anticipation of a journey unknown.

An experience is something that validates our sense of who we are. It becomes weaved into the fabric of our existence. It can be brought to mind on a whim to help us escape to a better time. It lives on in us. Forever.

Ace Rentals Cars. Rent the experience.

Check out: Rent The Experience

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