Exploring the Gold Coast on a budget

Welcome to the jewel of Queensland where there’s attractions for everybody to enjoy! You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank, however, as there are plenty of affordable, or entirely free, acti...

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Top Beaches On The Gold Coast

Head to the heart of the Sunshine State to discover the destination that put Australia on the map for tourists seeking golden sands, crystal clear waters and picturesque weather – the Gold Coast. Boas...

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A traveller's overview of Australia's main cities

With so many different places in Australia to choose from, it’s hard to figure out where to start. Which cities are popular choices? What are their main attractions – what’s their character?

Let’s exa...

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Delve into natural Australia at its top National Parks

There are too many spectacular national parks in Australia for us to possibly list them all here, but we’ve taken the liberty to find some of the best. We recommend hiring a rental car in Oz and takin...

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A quick guide to: The Gold Coast

Talk to anyone from outside Australia and they have probably heard of the stunning Gold Coast region. It’s a mecca for tourism and car hire with Visit Gold Coast reporting the 2013-14 financial year s...

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4 reasons you should road trip around Australia

If you’re planning a road trip around Australia, stop what you’re doing.

Out of the 193 different United Nations countries, here are four reasons you should consider visiting the land Down Under, rent...

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