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A quick guide to: Melbourne

There’s a lot to love about the capital city of Victoria, Melbourne. Though it is no longer the actual national capital (it held this title in the early 1900s before Canberra got it), many still consider this buzzing place to be one of the cultural highlights of Australia, not to mention a sports lover’s dream.

If you want to experience an all-in-one holiday, make sure your Aussie road trip plan includes passing through ‘Melbz’.

Melbourne at a glance

You may not have realised, but Melbourne holds a lot of world records. For example, the famous tram system that weaves its way through the city streets is the fourth-largest in the world, making it the biggest outside of Europe.

On a cultural note, you can thank Melbourne – in part – for the films you love to see on the big screen. The first ever feature film, ‘The Story of the Ned Kelly Gang’ was shot right here in Melbourne in 1906.

Now tie in these great facts with the city’s sublime weather, friendly people and plethora of things to see and do and you’ve got a truly fantastic road trip destination!

Where to visit on your Melbourne holiday

We’ve said there are plenty of things to do here, so now it’s time to prove it.

Unofficial sporting capital of O

There are five major international stadiums here, including Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Docklands Stadium and more. Guess what? No other city on the planet has this many.

That’s on top of the sporting activities you could do for yourself here. Surfing is a big deal around these parts, with Torquay – the home of Quicksilver, Rip Curl and the Rip Curl Pro – just less than an hour and a half south via Geelong.

A road tripper’s delight

If you want to explore more than this classic urban jungle, make your way just outside the city to see arguably the best driving route in the country. The Great Ocean Road starts in Torquay, winding its way over 240 kilometres west through spectacular coastal scenery.

Alternatively, you could explore east from Melbourne instead, to see the wonderful sights of the Mornington Peninsula – just an hour outside the city.

Much, much more!

If you aren’t gallivanting around the state or cheering your favourite sports team at a stadium, check out Hosier Lane – a constantly evolving street of art. You could also explore a wealth of museums, animal attractions and even an eerie, historic gaol!

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